President Obama takes oath

I had issues with him while he was running for office. That being said he will get my prayers and support. America needs a leader that will promote accountability and responsibility and I hope he can turn this nation around. A lot of things happened while Bush was in office, some was his fault and some was not. Bush didn’t do that bad of a job and it pains me to see people that buy into the hype that the media promotes. It’s hard to even believe anything that the media tells me nowadays. President Obama had a very good speech and he sounded like he would hit the ground running. I hope his 1st things to do are to end the war in Iraq and fix the economy.

Also, You get the feeling that the nation is now willing to pull together and work on these hard issues that the nation faces. You see all these people with their “patriotic digs” and millions of people in DC today…all that is great b/c the nation needs that. My question is this…

Where were all theses people 6 months ago? Are all these people being “patriotic” b/c they got their way?


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